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Dr Rocket Game - By Rippleware dr rocket game
Angry Birds get out of the way cause Dr Rocket has rocket boots and ready to launch. This is an addictive fast paced physics game where you control Dr Rocket and the objective is to launch him into the stratosphere. The Dr Rocket game is a FREE DOWNLOAD from Google Play.

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I Am Flying to the Moon flying to the moon
If you have not made your level 3 certification yet, or just want to launch to the moon; This is a really cool online game for FREE. This is a game were you have to continually upgrade your rocket to get all the way to the moon. Starts out kind of slow and your rocket kit is fairly cheap with just wood and of course your starting out with a very small rocket engine, low fuel, and poor aerodynamics. But as you keep launching and collecting money, then you can upgrade your rocket. You can collect money, fuel, and boosters as you climb. However, the trick is to use your arrow keys to dodge all other aircraft because the FAA did not clear your path. Just watch out for the hot air balloons, planes, helicopters, jets, satellites, and alien space ships. Online Rocketry has never been easier or more challenging.

The Virtual Launch
This is what happens when you launch a rocket without using Dr Rocket hardware. Sometimes things just go wrong when you launch and not much you can do about it.
Star Journey - By Free Online Games star journey game
Take a CRASH course in Orbital Mechanics with this cool game of launching a rocket while already in space. Star Journey is a FREE game and some levels have a zero gravity effect and navigating is not so challenging. Other levels have Stars or Planets and you can use your thrusters and gravitation to use a sling shot effect to save fuel. Run out of fuel in these levels and its a real challenge to make it home.

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Rocket Santa - By Armor Games rocket santa
Rocket Santa is a upgrade game like "Flying to the Moon". It is also a FREE game and this time it helps to upgrade your launch pad. If you liked "I am Flying to the Moon" then you might like this game also.

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